Criticism of Obamacare Rollout More Media False Equivalency More Pain for Americans

The way the media is couching valid criticism of the Obamacare rollout is a prime example of the media’s use of False Equivalency. After they rightfully hammered the Tea Party politicians for shutting down the government and nearly causing financial disaster with the debt ceiling negotiations, the rollout gave them a quick way to play their False Equivalency game with a legitimate reason to criticize.

In retrospect its obvious Obama should not have flatly stated everyone gets to keep their existing healthcare plan. However, when you dig beneath the surface the more important truth is those plans being canceled provide inadequate coverage and thats why the law has them stopped. So the media playing off the hype aspect of Obama misleading about a complicated issue under plays that Obamacare is not only going to insure 30MM who cannot afford insurance but also ultimately improve improve upon existing plans of the insured. If the media players of False Equivalency were really looking after the majority of the American people, this is what they would be emphasizing as opposed to Obama lied and the website is awful. Jon Stewart of the Daily Show put it the best when he said Obama may have been somewhat dishonest but the Republicans were lying in the extreme about Obamacare. To put the two on the same level is truly False Equivalency.

This same use of False Equivalency was a major factor in why the Tea Party had the leverage to shutdown the government and also threaten global financial disaster. The media has given legitimacy to Tea Party pols who appear quite delusional in what they believe is good government policy. The presence of Tea Party politicians in our government has juiced the use of False Equivalency from dangerous to very dangerous. Of course politics will always have players in the front and back lines who are driven by their own exaggerated selfish desires. However, up until recently the media was covering for politicians who even though they could be ruthless and greedy at least were not delusional, crazy reckless and irresponsible possibly to the point of treason. The media types that push False Equivalency are as responsible as the politicians for our political dysfunction just like an enabler is responsible for the continued addiction of an addict.

An overwhelming use of false equivalency by the media has been going on at least going back to the Reagan era. False equivalency is the media’s way of criticizing both political parties by exaggerating the mistakes and flaws of one party so when they have to criticize the obvious sins of the other party, they can do it without appearing to have a bias for one side or the other.

Americans who want answers and guidance on how to stop the political dysfunction in our lives need to be focusing on the dangers of False Equivalency. Not buying into False Equivalency should be a major building block to fixing the current mess we call our government.
Not only are most of the media now wasting a lot of time and emotion pumping up anger about how Obama mislead and the website is a disaster, but this is also taking away from the impact of the latest cost of False Equivalency. That would be the 24 billion dollars burned through because of the shutdown. If they want to pump up anger that would be useful how about keeping the focus on that instead of rushing to the hot story.

A few other crazy costly examples of False Equivalency include enabling Bush to blow through hundreds of billions of dollars on the Iraq War based on a lie. The New York Times helped sell that lie and the rest of the mainstream media ran with it. False Equivalency also enabled the Republicans to eliminate the Glass-Steagall Act which in time led to 2008 near collapse of our financial system. Back then too many Democrats were too caught up in playing defense from False Equivalency to stop that bad idea. God forbid the big players in the media should push back on the selfish desires of Wall Street somebody might lose a seven figure job or two.

There is a silver lining from the 24 billion dollar shutdown debt ceiling debacle. The ray of sunshine from this recent darkness is that it has taken the political center out of their comfort zone, and they want some real answers. The truth can be a bitter pill but swallowing, it is better than for example enduring another financial disaster.

The Tea Party’s fight to destroy Obamacare has clearly revealed that they want power at any cost even if it means greatly damaging our country. This is not something that even the most politically apathetic will soon forget. The media should be making sure people don’t forget this pain instead of looking for the next story to hype. The Tea Party delusionals have been completely exposed to those who take their politics from the center as reckless, irresponsible, apparently delusional, and extremely dangerous.

The good news is Americans will do the right thing if the truth is made clear to them. The bad news is they hate to admit they are wrong about a politician once they have voted for them. Now that the latest possible financial disaster has opened many eyes, its time for the blogosphere, the anti-enablers of the media, activists, and anyone who cares about righting the good ship USA to use this crystallizing moment to let the world know that the media’s use of False Equivalency has played a key role in systematically dismantling what was once a functioning democracy.

Of course if you are a voter how about when the media is trying to blame both sides for a problem, don’t assume they know what they are talking about. The Dems make their share of mistakes such as the Obamacare rollout. However, try to also keep in mind that what could be a political misdemeanor is not a political felony just because the media says it is.



Why True Gratitude Creates Good Karma is the meaning of karma/True Gratitude and Good Karma   have an interesting and  very profound relationship. These are two extremely powerful forces. A major part of the karma we create by our actions is based on the attitude we have regarding these actions. For example compare a a surgeon with a scalpel in his hand to a thief with a knife in his hand. Both intend to cut another with their sharp objects but one has the intention to help another and the other has the intention to harm another. Another example is two people may both say something complementary to another yet one does it out of generosity the other uses it as a way to manipulate someone. Intentions are a key element as to whether we are creating either good karma or bad karma.

Are Good Intentions Important?

As important as intentions are they are not the whole story when it comes to creating good karma or bad karma. Our intentions may be good yet our discrimination lacking and an action may harm someone and or break a moral principle. This will lead to some bad karma in spite of good intentions.

Now we get to Karma and Gratitude. Everyone has karma, that’s why we are born into this world to eliminate our karmas or samskaras as they are also referred to. Good karma is not a problem but bad karma is going to be unpleasant. Expressing one’s gratitude in action is a powerful way to soften or even alleviate bad karma. However, gratitude is not something you turn on and off like a faucet. The capacity for true gratitude is for the most part earned by creating good karma from previous lifetimes. If you have been in good part a self-centered person most of your life, it is not going to work to tell yourself ,  I am going to be someone who feels a lot of gratitude because I need more good karma.  If one truly feels gratitude then your actions will reflect that in selfless compassionate behavior. Words are cheap, actions tell the true story.

Here is an example of someone with a truly mixed bag of good and bad karma. Take someone who is born into a middle class or wealthy family. Thats some good karma. That same person may be raised as a spoiled child by the parents. That person’s capacity for gratitude will be quite diminished by this type of upbringing.

There is much more to be covered on this subject and will be done at a later date. Any questions about this are of course welcome.



What is the Law of Karma ? is the meaning of karmaThe Law of Karma  is best defined regarding spirituality and life.

For example karma reincarnation, refers to a soul who lived a lifetime or lifetimes and is reborn in another physical body. With that birth the consequences of the actions of that person is played out like a dramatic play in the life of that person.  Those actions  and interactions with others will determine the type of parents a person has in that lifetime.

A definition of karma, or karma definition, is that all of your actions creates immutable energy and  that this energy must be played out to its logical conclusion.

Good karma, is energy created by a person that typically follow a moral principle or principles that often involves an element of self-sacrifice to help another person. This energy rebounds to the original doer in degree and scope to benefit the doer.

Bad karma, conversely is energy created by an action of a person that breaks a moral principle or principles that is motivated by a selfish desire.

Spirituality, refers to the concept that every living creature, every inanimate object, everything visible and invisible is connected to the spirit or energy. Science has shown in the last few years that even inanimate objects are made of of energy.

Love, is the experience of an individual soul feeling a profound connection to another individual or individuals as well as nature and even the entire universe.

Dharma, is a sanskrit word that means morality.

A simple definition of karma, is fate or destiny.

A karma quote from Swami Yogananda, “Before you act, you have freedom, but after you act, the effect of that action will follow you whether you want it to or not. That is the law of karma.”.

What is the Meaning of Karma?

The Meaning of Karma can best be defined  as  all of ones immutable energy that is played out to its logical conclusion.

Karma-can it be Determined by Fate or Destiny?

By understanding that all of ones actions contribute to Karma, then a belief in fate or destiny is more understandable.

Karma reincarnation, explains a part of the logistics of how the domino effect of these actions gets played out.

Reincarnation, is about an individual soul being reborn lifetime after lifetime in different physical bodies throughout history. With that birth the consequences of the actions of that person is played out like a dramatic play in the life of that person. Those actions, for example and interactions with others determine the type of parents a person has in that lifetime.

Good karma, is energy created by a person that typically follows a moral principle or principles that often involves an element of self-sacrifice to help another person. This energy rebounds to the original doer in degree and scope of the original action to benefit the doer.

Bad karma, conversely is energy created by an action of a person that breaks a moral principle or principles that is typically motivated by a selfish desire.

Spirituality, refers to the concept that every living creature, every inanimate object, everything visible and invisible is connected to the spirit or energy. Science has shown in the last few years that even inanimate objects are made of energy.

Love, is the experience of an individual soul feeling a profound connection to another individual or individuals as well as nature and even the entire universe.

Dharma, is a sanskrit word that means morality.

A karma quote from Swami Yogananda, “Before you act, you have freedom, but after you act, the effect of that action will follow you whether you want it to or not”.

Why Karma Often Bites the Helping Hand

karma-pic1.jpgThe saying “a good deed never goes unpunished” is something everyone can relate to. We have all experienced times when we have helped somebody only to have our good Samaritan action be rewarded by something negative happening to us. There is a reason for this. When you make a conscious decision to extend yourself and attempt to alleviate some pain suffering difficulty etc of another person you have stepped into their karmic bubble. Once inside their karmic bubble, it is very possible you will feel the sting of a portion of the bad karma created by another person’s past transgression.  Karmic debt being immutable once a karma is created by an action a price of one sort or another eventually must be paid. This is not to make a judgment on anyone. Good people make mistakes and often enough they are big ones. However, we all have to pay for them one way or another at one time or another. 
If you take an action which alleviates the suffering of another that was self-inflicted by their wrong actions, you are basically putting yourself between that person and the negative energy created by their past action. Karmic law is such that someone has to feel its sting one way or another. Given that karma is quite mysterious maybe you feel this sting because of your intervention maybe not but a fairly strong possibility exists that you will feel it to one degree or another. 
If you are a strong compassionate person this should not deter you, but it is why we should be reasonably discriminating in the who what and where of it all. Your power of discrimination is the key. That is in part why developing your spiritual side is so very important. The more you go inward and feel your spiritual power, the more your get in touch with your self-awareness the more you will increase your powers of discrimination, your willpower and your intuition. On the willpower front, its often one thing to know what to do and another thing to have the will to do it. A key element in discriminating a good idea versus a bad idea, can often be a matter of intuition. In making judgment calls like whether we should help another person or not, we don’t just depend on our intellect because the intellect does not account for invisible factors. These hidden elements may not be accessible to your mind but your heart can feel their presence. Very often our powers of intuition is the last defense against taking an action that we end up regretting. An individual’s spiritual development which is of course aided by practices like meditation and prayer can also increase the depth of our intuition. Living a moral life is also a spiritual practice which includes the art of helping others. Helping others creates good karma which helps mitigate against our own bad karma but as pointed out, there are risks involved. 
Of course karma being extremely mysterious, when our good deeds get rewarded or our bad deeds come back to haunt us is quite the secret. It takes courage and willpower to act on your compassion. Jesus is well known for helping the downtrodden and of course extending oneself to help the less fortunate is a staple of Christian teachings and really all of the major religions. What is not well known about this give and take is that when a great being like Jesus seeks out those with some particularly nasty karma there is a yin yang balance to this relationship that is not readily apparent. A great pure being like Jesus has protections against the worst types of karmic blowback that might plague ordinary beings. The spiritually high helping the spiritually low is complementary, as is us spiritual middlings helping each other. For clarification when I refer to Jesus as a great pure being my inference is that he is one of many great beings who have walked this earth. One of the protections these great beings have that others do not is lack of fear. Once a spirit enters a body that body has many needs. On top of that if a being has not evolved past the limitations of the mind, the mind has needs as well. Great beings are not afraid of not acquiring the needs of the mind and body and therefore will not really feel the sting of any bad karma from helping another. 
It can happen that we have some bad experience coming our way because of a past mistake. However, in between the wrong action and its price we do something to create some good karma that may remove or soften the blow of this wave of bad karma heading our way. It is possible that we have done such a good deed the bad experience we have earned is not going to actually happen. However, the debt is not completely cleared up and remaining price to be paid is the possibility something bad is going to happen to us. So the remaining price to be paid is the potential anxiety we could easily feel knowing for example we could lose a job. If we have the inner strength to not let this possibility create mental turmoil, your good action has enabled you to not only avoid the worst of it but also the residual effect of the bad karma as well. 
Its pretty obvious that not all of the bad things we fear will happen to us, actually do happen. When in these situations, its our duty to take all possible precautions and prepare all possible contingencies within our power. After that its in God’s hands, then its a matter of whether we give into the fear or fight it off. Even if the bad scenario occurs you take away much of its sting if you can drastically reduce your anxiety as you expect it to happen. Again our spiritual practices give us spiritual strength for times like this when we need to be really strong.   
Getting back to Jesus,when he boldly took the prostitute Mary Magdalene under his wing, he was not worried about how that would affect his status in Jewish society. This factor did not disturb his peace of mind. Whereas the ramifications of an act kindness toward prostitute especially in the society Jesus lived in, would typically weigh heavy on the mind of an ordinary person.  If someone of wealth decides to help a poor person by giving them money they can afford to lose this money more than someone with much less. The biggest problem with helping the most destitute is the negative feelings they could be carrying around. If their poverty has made them angry bitter and cruel, whomever steps into their karmic bubble is sure to feel the sting of these dark emotions. 
The thing to know is that karma is extremely precise both the good and bad variety. In a general sense for example perhaps you have the good karma to be born with parents who have few if any money problems. This is good karma. However, access to this wealth ultimately torments you because of some bad karma. God works with all available resources to make this all balance out. It is said that if you have a spiritual master this great being protects their devotees in many different ways. This includes them taking your good and bad karma and spreading out these experiences so that the bad times are not extended into one long period and the good times are also not as extended as they might have been. This can be a matter of finances, career, family, love etc.

The next piece will be basically an extension of this piece but will focus on how Karma and Gratitude play off each other.

Al Gore and Al Jeezera Do These Als Really Belong Together?

al goreThe sale of Current TV by Al Gore and his partner Joel Hyatt to Al Jeezera which is owned by a billionaire Sheik of Saudi Arabia is troubling to many progressives. On the surface it looks like Gore to a degree sold out his principles to make a profit and possibly avoid some big losses on his investment in Current TV. Al Gore is the poster boy for the movement to stop global warming. Al Jeezera’s owner and chairman is Sheikh Hamad bin Thamer bin Mohammed bin Thani Al-Thani. He is worth over 3 billion dollars and is the 7th richest royal family member in the world. He says that he is a moderate and is considered progressive by Muslim leaders. Obviously, his wealth was had by the selling of oil that ultimately fuels the gas guzzling autos which populate dear Mother Earth. The use of these fuels of course is a major major cause of air pollution and this in good part has led to the subsequent thinning of the top layers of our atmosphere which has lead to drastic reductions in our global temperatures. Mother Earth is a self-healing entity much like our human bodies.  I believe the the extreme weather conditions we have experienced the last few years is the Earth’s way of healing itself from the poisons that have been injected into her over many many years. At the moment, she is an angry lady so try not to get in her way as she fixes herself. 
Back to Gore and Al Jeezera, Gore’s defense of the sale is that no news organization has done a better job of making the dangers about global warming known to the world. He makes a very powerful point on this. If you compare the US mainstream media’s overall efforts in addressing this important issue and compare it to Al Jeezera’s efforts regarding global warming, the US media should hang its head in shame. So being a vehicle for bringing Al Jeezera into the US market and the potential it has to educate the ignorant and uneducated on global warming could have a major impact. Its possible their coverage of global warming could be a big factor in catalyzing a substantial groundswell of support in US citizens, for our county to vastly upgrade its commitment to fixing this enormous problem.    
As far as the karmic nature of Gore’s sale of Current TV, first off his real intentions in this sale are a major factor but not the only factor in determining whether this business deal will lead to good or bad karma for him. If you do not really believe in karma just replace that word with morality. The intention of an action and the result of an action determine whether it creates good or bad karma.  The thing about intentions is that they are not always obvious when an action takes place. For example a person may appear to be behaving kind and helpful toward another but really have a very selfish immoral intent behind those actions. The good news is that in time if you pay close attention, a person’s intentions will be revealed. Given Gore’s previous record as a man and politician, its seems very reasonable to conclude that his intentions are good. Yes, its possible he feels the value of this business deal trumps the fact that he is selling his company to someone who has become wealthy because of the sale of a commodity that is a major polluter of our atmosphere and yet, he decided to do it anyway. However, it seems likely he has weighed the pros and cons and believes the good Al Jeezera can do in the US market outweighs the bad of empowering a company owned by someone who is already disgustingly rich because of the selling of oil regardless of whether he cuts a deal with him or not. 
The real karmic or moral question here is whether he is right about his judgment that Al Jeezera can educate the American public beyond what the existing US media has done in regards to global warming and other important issues our media continually sweeps under the rug. Its possible Gore is deluding himself in believing this could happen as it is also possible he is right about this. If his expectations come to be then he will not have sold out his principles and the karma he created for himself from this should be very good for him. If this sale ultimately plays a role in scaling back or even stopping global warming, then Gore’s action helped everyone on this planet and Mother Earth as well. 
I believe a big reason the makers and shakers of Al Jeezera want to get into the US market is to give a more balanced viewpoint about the Arab world then US citizens currently get from the mainstream news media. From my perspective, the big players in our media seem much more interested in getting and keeping their six and seven figure salaries then then are committed to informing the general public about what is good for them and what is bad for them. The world of duality that we live in is filled with paradoxes. God created us and also gave us choices. These choices have positive and negative consequences. These choices also result in the material God has to work with in protecting us quite often from ourselves. If a benefactor of massive air pollution also plays a role in stopping global warming, it wont be the first or the last time such paradoxes exist in this world.  

Karma of Love Part 3


sunlight haze through forest of treesNow that parts one and two have done some set up, next up on the agenda is to try to help my readers possibly identify some specifics about why things are not going as well in the love department as they want. From a karmic perspective actions you took created patterns that are the source of your frustration regarding love. So a logical question is what is the stupid stuff I did to get me in this fix. If you want to try and get a picture of this you take on the role of karmic detective. A detective looks for clues that reveal pieces to a puzzle. Once you have enough pieces to the puzzle it is quite possible to infer the rest of the picture to your satisfaction. A warning is needed before we get started on this. A good friend and teacher of mine who has a vast knowledge of spirituality, dharma, and more once warned me that you don’t want to know all of the bad actions you performed as we have had millions of lifetimes. I strongly recommend you check out his website at He is quite simply brilliant. The point my friend was making to me is that the weight of this knowledge might be crushing and ultimately not helpful. You want to only know what you need to know so that you can start to change your behavior and luck. 




So back to being a karma detective and you are your client. Going into your memory banks, it shouldn’t be too hard to recall key moments in your important relationships that soured the relationship or even led them to fail. This is not the time to emphasize in your mind that the other person messed up more than you. This is the time to be objective and as honest with yourself as possible about what happened and why it happened. So after taking the courage to recall these things and recall them as objectively as possible, now you need to use your imagination to figure out what took place with you in the far past. So take this snapshot of these key events and now imagine that the role is reversed. If in one of those key moments, you were the one who was abused, manipulated, used etc, imagine you were the one doing the same thing to another person and that is why it happened to you this time around. Keep in mind it is not definite that this is the case but it is a reasonable assumption. The main point is to learn from the patterns in your life and be motivated to change for the better. If your heart truly yearns for an answer, God in time will reveal it to you. 




As you contemplate that, lets take a look at how scary efficient karma is in imparting lessons to us within the fabric of already existing karmic energy. Let’s say over lifetimes a person has earned the good karma to have wealth and prestige in this lifetime. However, because of a multitude of selfish actions, they also have an insensitivity which leads to a pattern of abusing others. The Laws of Karma dictate a person gets to have his wealth and prestige however that wealth could also lead to excesses like drugs and alcohol which torments this person. For others who have also earned the good karma of wealth but without similar bad karma, wealth can give them a measure of happiness and peace of mind. 




So shifting back to the present, use your current dissatisfaction and desire to get something you need to motivate yourself to start to stop whatever pattern of behavior you have identified as self-destructive. Am-ping up your willpower by commitment to this goal is of vital importance to changing your luck. This thought process is important because what typically goes through a persons mind and motivates them is what maintains that pattern as opposed to changing it. For example if you let your anger control your behavior, you are so stuck in a bad place . Clinging to this anger can not only make you stuck not just in this lifetime but also over many lifetimes. Their is a key to not letting your anger control your behavior but it isn’t easy to do. Anger is a reaction to not having a desire fulfilled. That desire could be something you have every right to expect and something that is vital to your well being. However for whatever reason, you don’t have it and can’t get it. It is good to have a resolve to get it but to allow your anger to be the primary emotion that motivates you in your quest is not good. This anger will at key junctures cloud your good judgment and keep your bad karma as your constant companion. It is entirely possible your fury may at some point gain you something in the short run that will make you feel good but in the long run it will also push you further away from the sublime sweet spot you long for. What makes your actions negative or positive is weighed more by your intent then the precise actions you take. For example a scalpel in the hands of a surgeon encapsulates the opposite intent of a thief with a knife in his hands.  




Those moments when your desires are not satisfied thats the time to start building your good karma muscles. Resist as much as you possibly can giving into your anger. You may ultimately lose the battle but by performing this exercise you have now given yourself a real chance to win the war. Getting back to understanding your karma, maybe in recalling past events you are the selfish user abuser villain in some of the dramas you recall. Remorse is helpful to feel but hating yourself is very harmful. It seems pretty obvious to imagine that being in the role of the bad guy user abuser is really asking for trouble down the road. The obvious attraction to this role is you get things that make you feel good. It is pleasurable to bend others to your will along whatever other perks come along with that. Everybody wants things but at what price is it worth it. To call this path a slippery slope is an understatement as its more like a sheer cliff on a tall mountain. 




In winding down this latest installment on the Karma of Love you need to know that knowledge is not enough. The spiritual bird flies on two wings, self-effort and grace. Using your effort to understand yourself is a start but you also need grace to truly transcend your negative karma. The kind of Grace needed to make big change in your karma can be elusive but it is attainable. In attempting to change your luck even though you may have armed yourself with knowledge if the element of grace is not at play in key moments your bad karma makes you forget what you need to know when you need to remember it the most. As mentioned in part 2 feeding people and animals will create good karma. There will be more specific advice along these lines down the road but following the basics is the real place to start. The basics in spirituality and dharma or morality as it is known in the West is about treating each other and ourselves with respect and love. This is often easier said then done. The reason for that is everyone in their mind has a floor and a ceiling for what they feel they deserve from others, ourselves and life in general. If you attempt in your dealings with others to go above or below these thresholds as defined by the person you are dealing with expect to catch some flak. However, as the saying goes nothing ventured nothing gained. So have courage and do good things do right things in time you will be rewarded.  


Karma of Love Part 2

love treeContinuing from the Karma of Love part one this next installment will include some practical ideas on how to change your karma but first let’s look into why possibly you are in the position you are now in. That mainly being that you lack that special someone in your life and you want to change that. The method that is suggested here to fulfill that need may or may not have an immediate effect but it will have an effect. A good place to start when endeavoring to change your luck in an area of need is to first take responsibility for how things are. This takes courage and willpower but it is also empowering. Most importantly this is an important step if you really want to change the pattern you currently live in. A way to do it is to try remember your obvious mistakes of the past and regardless of the details and who may or may not be more responsible for failed relationships assume the results are in good part your own doing. 
To help understand your own karma, let’s start with my favorite teaching parable about of how karma operates. Once in India there was a holy man, a man devoted to God. He was a renunciate who gave up ownership of all material possessions in order to facilitate his pursuit of total devotion to God. This lifestyle meant he wandered from town to town having to find place to spend his nights and to beg for food. He came to a town and went to a temple to perform his favorite practice which was chanting God’s name. His chanting was of such fervor that many peeked in the temple to see who it was. A woman who lived in the village was so impressed with his devotion that she invited him to have dinner with her and her husband. When she invited him to have dinner with them as opposed to just taking some food, he refused. This is typical as renunciants like to stay in recluse. However, she was very adamant and eventually he gave in to her request. Later the three had dinner and it was quite pleasant. After eating the couple had many questions which led to an involved spiritual discussion. When this was over they realized just how late it had gotten. The couple insisted the holy man sleep in their house and he agreed. 
That night he slept on their porch while they slept inside. The wife was very impressed with the holy man’s devotion to God and wanted serve him in some way. She could not sleep so she came down and asked her guest if she could massage his feet. Then she touched his feet everything changed. He pulled away from her but she was bitten by a strong desire for this man. He saw this in her and tried to diffuse the situation by telling her that he never allowed married women to touch his feet. With this she became desperate and her desire was so intense that her mind snapped. She then went to her bedroom and murdered her husband. She came downstairs and told the holy man what she had done and now that she was not married his rule no longer applied. The holy man was shocked. He told her that what she did was stupid and that he needed to leave now. Her response was to start screaming. Soon some neighbors came to her house and asked what was going on. She said the holy man they allowed to spend the night on their porch tried to rape her and when her husband tried to stop it, the visitor murdered him. The villagers then beat him up and tied him up. The next day he was taken to the village wise men. The wise men were very familiar with the holy man as he had come to their village regularly. They knew him to be a genuine holy man and thought perhaps this episode with the woman was an aberration. So instead of having him killed they had his arms cut off at the elbow. This whole event had a curious affect on the holy man. He did not react in anger even though he was innocent. Instead, he thought this must have something to do with his karma. This gave him a resolve to be even more fervent in his devotion to God then before. His prayers and his chanting became even more intense. After a period of performing his practices with more intensity than before his spiritual evolution was accelerated. Because of this during his sleep his diety came to him in a dream. The deity told him that he was very pleased with his efforts and that he would grant him a boon or a wish.  The holy man asked if he would please explain why he lost his forearms. The diety smiled and touched his forehead. Then the holy man went into a deep trance. In the trance he recalled an event in a past life. The holy man was in a river performing an auspicious practice when a cow ran by him and later a butcher followed. The butcher asked the man which way his cow had gone as it had run away from him. The butcher also said that he had to tell him the truth or he would be committing a sin. 
The holy man wanted to do the right thing so he reluctantly with his arm pointed the butcher in the direction the cow had run. While watching this past event the holy man now realized he had not been under any moral obligation to help the butcher find his cow. He also understood that the cow was re-incarnated as the woman who lied about him attempting to rape her and that her husband was the butcher. The husband was killed because he committed the sin of killing a sacred cow and the holy man lost his arms because he aided in that killing by pointing in the direction the cow had gone.  
Karma is complicated and mysterious to the point we rarely understand exactly what we have done to be in difficult situations that occur in our lives. The next installment of the Karma of Love will show a method to possibly break through this veil of mystery.  For now here is relatively easy way to relieve yourself of some of your karmic debt. The way is to feed others especially loved ones and acquaintances. The more feeling you have for a person and the more you genuinely help them the more good karma you create for yourself. This action is a high calling that creates very good karma. Sustaining which includes feeding humanity is one of the important functions God is responsible for. When a hungry person eats a satisfying meal and you provided it, this pleases God and that’s good karma for you. Its their feeling of satisfaction that creates the good karma. Their satisfaction was a need fulfilled by your actions. This endeavor takes some time, effort and money but its a relatively easy way to build up the positive side of your karmic ledger. 

Karma of Love

karma eyesWelcome to my new blog about politics, karma and stuff. As it is still early in the holiday season I have decided to begin my blog on a topic that the holidays force us to think about whether we like it or not. That is love. On this profound, mysterious yet all important subject I am going to focus on how karma, our past actions, dramatically influence love in our lives. Invoking the karma card here does not just refer to this life but what I believe also includes many many many other lifetimes. However we will put that part on the backburner for the moment. If you believe in the old saying “what goes around comes around” you basically believe in karma. If you find this concept of importance then you should probably really understand just how deeply it affects our lives. 
In trying to understand how karma influences the way love works in our lives, it is helpful to look at love as higher concept that also has a human form that we have a relationship with. How do I the individual relate to the concept of love as an entity?  Oh, let me count the ways (nod to Shakespeare) this whole love thing can get so messed up and yet also be so sweet.  Imagine that every time you take part in a relationship where the feeling of love is central to this relationship that you are also engaging in a relationship with this entity known as “Love.” Now lets throw the concept of karma into the mix. Karma can also be described by this old saying.”what you reap is what you sow.” Sow here is referring to planting seeds in our dear Mother Earth. The concept of Mother Earth is an example of relating to nature as if she has a human form. In Hindu Legends for example mountain ranges, rivers, the sun, morality, death, and yes love all have a human form. These Legends teach that each entity of nature  as well as the great concepts that play an important role in our lives have human forms. Just like human beings have a spirit and also obviously a human form.  
Humans have a beginning, middle and ending. Similarly, everything in nature is alive as evidenced that these entities of nature also have a beginning, a middle and an ending. The oceans, the sun, trees mountains may appear inert but if you observe them closely over time they change and evolve. Who has not at one time or another felt powerful energy emanating from nature. If an entity has energy it is alive. Scientists have proven stars can die over great lengths of time. There is evidence that oceans existed on Mars that are now obviously dead. A human form dies when its spirit leaves its body. Human forms become alive when a spirit enters the body. So is it really a stretch to imagine that entities of nature are born when a spirit enters them and die when this spirit leaves their form. The Hindu legends teach that the actions of an individual spirit create karma for that individual. These legends also teach that dharma or right actions is its own spiritual entity and also has a human form. These Legends also teach that death has a human form. So if my readers would please try to have an open mind about “Love” having a human form perhaps if they need help in the Love department some help might be forthcoming.    
Getting back to specifics, think back to the important people in your life which could easily include a mother, a father, siblings, friends, lovers, etc etc and take the perspective that in every moment of every relationship you were also having a relationship with that larger mysterious invisible entity known as Love. Now imagine that each time you crossed the line of morality from neutral into bad within the bounds of each relationship that you created some bad karma for yourself. Conversely, imagine that every time your actions shifted from neutral into good you created some good karma for yourself.  
An important point of this prelude is that it is a grave error in judgment for anyone to believe that the consequences of  transgressions made within a particular relationship will stay totally within the confines of that relationship. These mistakes are flowing from the top of a hill and you are standing on the bottom of the hill just waiting for the icky stuff to come down on you. On this negative side of the ledger, it is in my opinion delusional to believe that you can mistreat someone in one relationship and not expect some bad luck to slap you in the face in other relationships. On the positive side of the ledger, it is realistic to expect that in a relationship when a person makes self-sacrifices for the other, treats the other with respect and generally behaves in a way that is wholesome and good that good luck will shine on them not only in that relationship but also in other relationships including future yet to be relationships. The one caveat to all of this is that it is a total mystery when where and with whom these rebound effects will take place. 
My next entry on Love will address how to change your luck with increasing love in your life and also feeling that love. It is possible to have love in your life but not feel the love. This occurs because karma is extremely precise and subtle.